Transitioning from Fall to Summer

Hi everyone!

I hope I’m not the only one feeling summer fade as the fall breeze takes over the sunshine that I became so fond of these past few months. Though I enjoyed the sun, beachy hair, and bonfire nights, it is time for the year to move on. I, personally, love the fall for one reason and one reason only. School! Er, wait, the fashion! Obviously. The transition period between summer and fall typically consists of big cardigan covering a crop top with high waisted shorts, my personal favorite look of the season.


I love Vanessa Hudgens in this look, and I adore her in general, so get used to seeing her as my favorite fashion icon! She also loves Brandy and her younger sister, Stella, has a job at the Studio City Brandy Melville in Los Angeles, CA.

Another stylish look for the transitional time from summer to fall is a big sweater with a flowy skirt. This summer the skater skirt, circle skirt, and short flowy skirts became super popular. They typically come in simple solids, beautiful florals, or crazy neons. Save the neons for next summer, but keep the solids and florals out just a little bit longer. Florals can easily fit into a fall look depending on the colors. Having more muted colors, like a mustard or maroon, always have a fall-ish feel to them. Paring a floral skirt with a big, beige knit top looks cute while being completely effortless. With this look, I would personally add a pair of rugged combat boots and delicate, layered necklaces.


This is such an adorable look and you can find pieces like this for cheap at places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Just because they are not big brand names does not mean they are not just as cute! I find so many adorable pieces from these two stores. While shopping with my mom the other day I found adorable leggings, a striped sweater, combat boots, and flats all for under $50! How could you possibly do better than that?!

This transition gives us an opportunity to indulge in the unique mixing and matching! Shorts and sweaters, skirts and knits, jeans and tanks. Take advantage of these times and go to class showing off your killer legs one last time!