Style Icon: Selena Gomez

I was sitting at my dorm room desk pondering some ideas for this blog and decided that a weekly segment could draw people’s attention. Since this is a style blog that revolves around young, a stylish people, I have decided my segment will feature one style icon every week. Regardless of whether or not they wear styles that are close to Brandy Melville. The first star I decided to choose this week is a huge fashion icon for teen and young adult girls, such as herself, Selena Gomez.

Aside from stealing my boyfriend, (in my head at least) Justin Bieber, I adore her sense of style, which has recently changed from girly to edgier, more chic ensembles. This change happened around the time of Jelena’s infamous breakup. Good for Selena for getting back on her feet and shopping her feelings away. (Is there any other way to deal with a breakup?!)

Selena’s style in the past was often very girly, not too showy, and casual. She had the girl-next-door wardrobe, which inspired many young girls that look up to her. She came out with her clothing line “Dream Out Loud” for KMart, which features clothing and accessories similar to “what she would wear”.

ImageThis is the current Fall 2013 “Dream Out Loud” collection where you can see her girly side shine through for her line. She’s wearing a green top with casual matching shorts on the left, and on the right, she’s sporting a denim shirt paired with a striped pencil skirt and a statement, red, bag. Decently casual and quite easy to duplicate. This is taking a peek into her more casual, day-to-day outfits that she wore earlier in her career.

Now her fashion sense has kicked in full force. Selena seems to favor black, leather, light denim, and red. She looks unbelievably gorgeous in everything she puts on and has been inspiring me to edge up my own wardrobe.

ImageSelena here is rocking an all black look with leather details in the top. Matching this entirely dark look with a black and white bag gives the look contrast while the red lips are the perfect touch of color. She looks chic from head to toe and she is owning every second of it. Love this look.

ImageSelena knows how to make a casual outfit look like it belongs on the runway. This fall, I am DYING for a light wash pair of boyfriend jeans and Sel is definitely wearing them the right way. These are just loose enough to seem like you stole them from your boy toy and adding the cuffs with a pair of pumps makes the look edgy. The blazer looks fierce over the dainty black crop top. Her plum lip is perfect for the season and the top knot makes the outfit stand out immensely while also giving her the comfort of having her long locks out of her face. In my opinion, it is the perfect outfit for shopping in the city on a brisk fall Saturday.

ImageGoing back to my most recent post about transitional outfits, the “Come and Get It” singer perfects this look which could be a summer or fall outfit. Her gorgeous, tribal maxi skirt looks flawless with the black graphic, muscle tank. Tying the side of the tank top gives this look a summery feel while giving your legs warmth while being engulfed in a maxi. Throwing on the feather necklace made this look in my opinion. It ties the entire outfit together.

ImageThe last look that I adore for fall is a look Selena wore earlier in the year, but the color scheme suggests an autumn taste. Once again, Selena is in black top to bottom and looks sleek and chic. The best thing about these all black looks are the slimming effects they have. Even though Sel is stick-thin, I get inspiration to help slim down my own look. Her maroon, long scarf is the perfect fall accessory along with a simple, long necklace to give the look some definition. I adore this look because I can clearly picture myself wearing something like this on a chilly, fall day while walking to class.

Selena has grown so much in the past years. From her personal life constantly changing and being spread across every media outlet. But more interestingly, her style has also evolved from girl to chic and I am loving everything she is pictured in. This is why I chose her to star in the first segment of “Style Icon”.

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite look she rocks!

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